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Executing media related projects and training students for the future of entertainment industry.

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Who We Are

Lazreb Entertainment and Media Production Ltd. is an all round media company with various services. From movie productions, documentary shooting, comedy skitz, movie scripting, parkageing of movies for who ever needs a meaningful production from A. to Z., scripting, equipment rentage, full crew to editing stage plus mentorship.

Event Ushering

We also provide ushering services for any kind of event you may be planning. With our screened handsome hosts & beautiful hostess.

Featured Courses

Check out courses from our academy department where we train students from a novice to a professional.

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Process by which a film is made, involving a number of complex and discrete stages.

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Documentary Shooting

Learn step-by-step process of how you can document a research into a video.

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Event Packaging

We will teach you how to spice up an event with a set budget.

Our Services

  • Equipment Rentage

    We have different type of equipment that can be used to cover all kinds of event and also shoot short and long video clips.

  • Movie Productions

    We can you produce that movie you already have the story, our production is of high quality and international standards.

  • Script Writing and Selling

    We can also help you in writing down the movement, actions, expression and dialogue of the characters in screenplay, in screenplay format.

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